Searchable Encryption-as-a-Service

The Cloud has emerged as a platform for storing large amounts of data. The Cloud services include SaaS, PaaS and IaaS that are aimed towards delivery of computing services. CityDefend extends the Cloud services by providing Searchable Encryption-as-a-Service (SEaaS). In addition to the conventional advantages of Cloud, CityDefend provides novel solutions to the security needs of enterprises and helps maintain confidentiality, privacy and trust across the enterprises. Therefore, CityDefend gives individuals and enterprises full control over their over their confidential data while being able to search and process the data.

Protecting your online data

The Cloud provides clients and their remote devices the utility of on-demand resource sharing and data access. Although the resource sharing has many advantages but it leads to the lack of control of the data and the data can be misused without permission. In this era of Internet of Things (IoT), the Cloud is being used as a centralized repository for storing large amounts of data. The Cloud market is showing Compound Annual Growth Rate of 22%, however, since 2017 2.6 Billion data records have been stolen that were stored in the Cloud. The possibility of data theft keeps clients from outsourcing their data on the Cloud and benefitting from the advantages the Cloud has to offer. This reduced security also leads to the violation of the General Data Protection Regulations.

CityDefend is an enterprise solution that gives clients full control over their data resulting in full trust on the system. Our technology provides an API and Cloud Integrated Solution that can be merged with existing Cloud-based technologies and can have a profound impact along different verticals including healthcare, financial, telecommunication, public services, law enforcement and protection sector.